At SIGGRAPH Asia 2017, we presented a technical paper titled Weighted Linde-Buzo-Gray Stippling. With this paper, we proposed a novel approach for sampling in computer graphics. Similar to cell division in biology, we iteratively split Voronoi cells until a target density distribution, for example based on an input image, is reached.

Conference presetation during SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 (Photo: Marc Spicker).

An interactive demo application for the proposed algorithm including its source code can be found in GitHub.

Beyond this, we also had the pleasure to enjoy both the thrilling nightlife in Bangkok, as well as many cultural opportunities, such as the impressive Grand Palace.

Visiting Grand Palace in Bangkok (Photo: Marc Spicker).

For further details please find our paper on our project website.


O. Deussen, M. Spicker, Q. Zheng, Weighted Linde-Buzo-Gray Stippling, ACM Transactions on Graphics ; 36 (2017), 6. – 233. – ISSN 0730-0301. – eISSN 1557-7368.



Weighted Linde-Buzo-Gray Stippling

Marc Spicker is working in the Computer Graphics and Media Design Group at the University of Konstanz for the SFB-TRR 161 project A04 (Quantitative Models for Visual Abstraction). He received his Ph.D. degree in computer science end of 2018. His research interests include non-photorealistic rendering and visual abstraction. He is interested in the evaluation of visual abstraction methods with regard to their perceived complexity.

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