Organized by the RWTH Aachen University, together with the researchers from RWTH Aachen University, Leibniz University of Hannover, University of Bristol, etc., the 3rd Summer School on Video Compression and Processing (SVCP) was held at Abdij Rolduc (Kerkrade, Netherlands) from 3th to 5th July. In this three days’ summer school, people in the area of video coding and processing exchanged knowledge and ideas.

All the participants either gave talks or showed posters about their research, including the introduction of their main focus of study, demonstration of some results they gained, and some problems they are facing.

Answering questions after my talk.

My presentation was titled “Empirical Evaluation of No-Reference VQA Methods on a Natural Video Quality Database”. It was mainly about the evaluation of two of the most popular VQA methods on KoNViD-1k, which is a newly built video quality database consisting of all naturally made videos along with their subjective quality scores gained by crowdsourcing. Afterwards I had an interesting discussion with Dr. Angeliki Katsenou from the University of Bristol. Her research focus is texture-based video compression, and she showed great interest in our KoNViD-1k. We also discussed the choices and differences between lab study and crowdsourcing in order to get subjective quality judgments.

For me the talk “Content-aware Video Delivery” given by Ahmed Aldahdooh from the University of Nantes was quite related to our research and also very interesting. The two kinds of quality indicators, i.e. the texture entropy map and the color entropy map that he proposed inspired a lot for our VQA research.

Abdij Rolduc from above.

In general I can say that the summer school which mainly focuses on video coding and processing was very inspiring for the research of video quality assessment.

Netherlands – Video Coding and Processing Summer School

Hui Men is a PhD student at the University of Konstanz, currently working on the SFB-TRR 161 project A05 (Multimedia Signal Processing). Her research interests include image/video quality assessment, image processing and computer vision.

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